Sometimes really absurd things knock you off with realizations that take your breath away. Sometime during the day yesterday I realized how lucky I am. I mean I know I have said so many times that I have wonderful friends and all and how blessed I am..

Umm but I have this wonderful ability of being completely comfortable in meeting other people, esp strangers. And I can fit right in , in almost any group if I want. This is amazing. Esp, when there are people who try all their life to fit in and never do..


And coupla days back I had an epiphany of more personal nature, erm romantic nature..

I realized that loving you is like loving a breeze and that loving me is like loving water.. and the twain can never meet so to speak.. may be I have got my metaphors mixed.. but you know what I mean dont you?

The thing is, I know now for sure, that I could never make you happy coz I now know, how much ever I try i could never understand you.  In fact, the reasons don’t matter. What matters is this realization.. and the fact that, its time to let you go. though you were never really beholden..

In fact, somewhere deep in my heart, I have already started this process…


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