A good bye.

If I had known yesterday that I would do, what I did today, I wouldn’t have ever written you that email. And yet, I do not regret my actions. It was a much needed kick in the butt so to speak.

Today I removed you from all my social networking sites. Deleted all our chat archives , even from trash. And I am proud to say, not even once did I go through any of those chat conversations.

Today, my eyes didn’t shed a single tear, my hands didnt type a single draft. Today finally my heart extinguished that final sliver of hope. And for the first time my heart can’t find words to write to you.

And yet ironically, after a very long time, I write a poem…..

Good bye my love.

Fallacies of this recalcitrant heart shall  trouble you no longer.
For the skies in which its dreams flew is overcast with tears.

Good bye my love.

Tapestries of these tattered emotions shall choke you no longer
For the thread of hope that held it together is tangled beyond repair.

Good bye my love.

Cobwebs of eager questions shall addle you no longer
For the inquisitive words that spun endlessly have tumbled in despair!

Good bye my love.

Fountain of tender musings shall  drown you no longer
For the walls that contained it has been broken asunder

Good bye my love,

Rainbows of my imagination shall color you no longer
For the bleakness of my grief has smeared it forever

Good bye my love, my capricious fantasy
From the shackles of my heart, I cast you free


4 thoughts on “A good bye.

  1. Deletion from social networking websites, removing chats, cutting off any online connections. Technology has really made it easy these days. Matters of heart are now matters of bytes of space.

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