Random lines.

Why is it that sadness influences creativity like nothing else does? Here are few lines that I tweeted yesterday night…

Night, hold me in your arms today, lest I find myself bereft….

A pocketful of sky,
Is all I ask,
Not too vast,
Just enough to make my dreams fly.

Over this vast ocean,
carry with you
my fondest dreams
And whisper in his ear
After winter extreme.
Oh birdie!
Be his harbinger of spring

And then random hindi lines…

Rusva hote toh hum unhe mana lete, par woh beparwah nikle,
Dost hote toh hume shiqwe, gile kar lete, par woh dil-e-bahar nikle

6 thoughts on “Random lines.

  1. Before the day commences,
    Before the morning light;
    Whistling through the crevices today
    Let your dreams ignite!!

    Blessed you are!!
    And blessed be thou –
    “Author in random tune
    and whenever you pen
    What come, What goes
    To sorrows you ll be immune”

    And thats my wish
    and thats my faith
    Prosperous this blog shall be
    Now pen something happy for now
    And make sure you send it to me!

  2. why are we after this myth called tomorrow, the sucker called hope and the fraudster called dreams when the present moment is wholesome, has sustained us till and always will?

    (well i enjoyed your lines, but the sadness part prompted me to write something.. dunno if it even makes sense)

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