The perfect moment.

Have you ever experienced a moment thats perfect and yet can never be recollected?

A moment thats not important in any sense, yet is special.  This moment, not defined by what happened, is happening or will happen.

A moment — an island in itself. Absolutely self contained and perfect.

Perfect, not  because of someone, something or even yourself.

Perfect,  because in that moment, you neither dream about future nor remember the past. In that moment you are alive. In that moment, you are you and you are the world. A moment  thats content to exist.

And yet, in that moment, there is no you. There is no I. The world cease to exist. You cease to exist.

This moment is so elusive that it doesnt even register.

And it exists just for a moment. It exists just for itself, fleeting it may be, but complete in itself.

Have you experienced this moment?


17 thoughts on “The perfect moment.

  1. At ur 1st sentence I vigorously nodded my head but as I read on it got too complicated & i lost my train of thought 😀

    Good to see u updating:-)!!!!

  2. That perfect moment whan you decided to write again : P
    Like your new design.
    These are moments we can find in a meditation, in immersion, when we feel connected to the universe. The moment before you fall asleep.

    1. So true Martin! It is akin to meditation i guess 🙂

      Anyhow.. the theme is courtesy wordpress! and ah.. i always decide to write.. sometimes it comes through.. sometimes not.. these words.. very stubborn they are!

  3. So happy to see you writing once more and the moment you speak of…yes..I have experienced it and it is amazing. If you can have such moments scattered throughout life it enriches life in a wonderful way. Thank You!

    1. It does. We all have perfect moments that makes us laugh.. but there are some.. that are perfect but we never realize! And thank you for reading and reminding me that I should write more. Believe me it helps. When I cant seem to write.. I come back and read your comment and find some strength 🙂

  4. i got lost halfway. yes, i’ve had perfect moments, but i’m not sure if they’ll fit all the adjectives you’ve put here.

    i think, when we put away all these preconceived notions about what the perfect moment is like, you’ll find that your life is full of perfect moments 🙂

    1. I was walking alone.. after ages.. in the itpl campus.. and i realized that i was happy @ that moment. although there was nothing special about it.. and it felt perfect..

      I was not trying to define what a perfect moment is.. i was trying to write homage to such perfect moments.. we never remember but feel them never the less…

    1. Ah nostalgia is perfect… but i was not refering to that.. read the response that i wrote to kris above 🙂

      I was talking about the mundane moments.. that are perfect.. but we never notice them…

  5. Perfect moment experienced but cannot be recollected?

    I think there are moments which are like nostalgic reminds of it when in similar situation.

    Good to see you writing again.

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