Chain reactions.

Its amazing how inspiration flows in torrid currents and delights us by its randomness! Dont you think?

So I was inspired by a story to write a story and which inspired a blogger friend to write a poem ( Martin forgive me if it wasn’t my story that inspired it)

But his poem pasted below inspired a poem from me:

Call that never happened:

Maybe the cables were cut or
the satellites were busy with dreams
while watching the stars playing
hide and seek or playing tag
with moons or simply gazing at
man’s faults and agonies and trying
to shake their heads, tangling their wires, losing
their connection to Earth, ignoring all those unfulfilled
dreams soaring up to the sky, all those imploring
pleas, unheard supplications, silent sighs, cries of wounded hearts.

Maybe it was like that.

Maybe an inner voice refused a connection

Which I countered with :

May be it was like that.
The call that never came.

Like the horizon,
Like the stars and the moon
And the land beyond the rainbows

The more you wait for it, the less real it becomes.

May be it is like this.
This call that never came.

A totem for our dreams,
A token that redeems,
fate from its wicked schemes.

May be it is as it should be.
May be it was never meant to come.

Then Nimue said:

The call that never came,
did happen one fine day;
alas, it was a bit too late,
neither happy nor sad,
for the words exchanged,
the pain was too heavy
to carry its own weight,
the complaints too many
to be silenced by excuses of fate;
the eyes too parched
to cry and let things be fine,
the distances too large
to make you my sunshine;
The call that never came,
should never have changed,
neither happy nor sad,
yet disappointed by the same

And I replied :

It was like a wave,
On a stormy full moon night
That clashed against the rocks
It was like the snow
That entombed dreams in its midst
With promise of spring.

It was like  the clouds,
heralding the onset of rain
Dark and heavy

It was like a leaf
Shorn from its tree
Wandering aimlessly

It was like a poem that was never written
While it waited for a call that never came…..

Dont you just love how we get inspired to create and create we do, something totally new , yet stay true to the theme?

So do you want to write about the call that never came?


10 thoughts on “Chain reactions.

  1. This poetic rapport is lovely and ironic, because your poems are about calls that don’t come or come too late, but your poems themselves are so in tune, resonating with perfect timing the way the calls should have been.

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