Life is good.


I dont usually get a chance to say this to you, so before something jinxes this, note this for posterity.

At one point, on one particular day, I felt, that life is good.

Somehow, transience has always marked me and all that i experience and its imperative that all that I feel is also transient. but it doesnt hurt to hold onto certain moments. especially moments like these

So blog, hold this dear, while I weave the tapestry of random and not so random emotions.. and when I am all unraveled, do remind me of this moment, so that I begin again.

Until then, life I am yours.


10 thoughts on “Life is good.

  1. when the transient phase passes, the blog (and it’s readers) will still be waiting for you 🙂

    …and isn’t it often what life touches or pushes or shoves that makes us come back here and write?

    may life give you more and lovelier experiences to think and write about! Happy Writing and Happy Living!

      1. me likey this!! i write when emotions touch – could be any.. but dont you love the moments when they call come to you sometimes trickling sometimes in cascades? 😀 –> i was just reveling in this joy while i made the earlier post..and between then and now, i posted something new on my blog around this…

        cheers to the joy of and in words! 🙂

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