Rant if you like, discuss if you may

The past couple of days have been really busy for me.. be it professionally or personally. So the sleep quotient has been minimum. And to top it all I have to now deal with a chipku relative.. and that too not a close one. The relation is this..

the concerned person is the grandson of the elder brother of my maternal grandmother. YES ! Can you see why i am bugged about this person calling n smsing me every day? HELLO! even my grand mom knows better than that :/

Sadly , as it happens this guy works very near to where i stay.

It all started with innocent, my son ( cute kiddo!! xoxoxo) was so happy hanging out with you and wants to hang out more to.. can I treat you for lunch and now has come to..  I wanna c u both ( me n sis) can i?

Dude please take your mid life crisis and shove it up someone elses ass :/

Do you think am over reacting and this guy is just being friendly.. may be a tad over friendly.. ?

I know sis & i are very asocial especially when it comes to relatives.. but dont you think calling someone 8 in the morning ( when you know they work nights..) as well as smsing as late as 3 in the morning when someone smsed you back saying that they are busy and cant chat right now..  plain weird?

if it was a single guy.. i’d still understand.. after all.. that person might be lonely and all.. ( i’d still detest it.. but still understand.. ) but someone married with two kids.. ah well thats what wife is for isnt it? to listen to you when you need an ear.. else why marry?


I dont want to be rude but I cant take the shit.. may be there’s a way of putting it mildly ?

How do you tell someone mildly, CAN it DUDE!!!! ?


6 thoughts on “Rant if you like, discuss if you may

  1. my my.. i can so rant with you about this.. i have had my cousins tell me of similar experiences… looks like a universal phee-no!-mean-a!! — my cousin asked her Mom to deal with it (a bugging relation) and that settled the issue…

    and i dont think there is a way to say it mildly – you have to say how you have to or make someone else say it!

    this too shall pass (quickly, i hope!)

  2. I am not sure if this person would understand mildly. It might help to totally stop taking his calls and responding to any messages.
    Might also help to respond to the wife to any questions he asks, like if he asks if he could see you, you could call the wife and tell her you would not be able to make it.

    1. Thats a wonderful suggestion… sadly we dont have her number.. the thing is.. me n sis.. are quite asocial when it comes to relatives.. only talk in functions and then forget about them kinds..

      btw! long time 🙂 hows u?

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