Woman to woman and my thoughts on it.

So, it happened that I stumbled upon Def poetry slam ( courtesy @baavri ) and heard the poem woman to woman by Thea Monyee It is a beautiful poem, and I found myself agreeing to her until I realized that somehow, in all the dribble, it felt like this woman was actually blaming the other woman instead of her husband.

Ah! let me give you the back ground first. This poem talks to ( about) the other woman calling upon the wife to let her know that her husband is cheating on her. This lady suspected but knows for sure. And shes on vitrolic towards this other woman. What I dont understand is why blame the other woman .. blame yourself and your husband. You both had the commitment not her.


Or am I over thinking again? Read the poem and let me know, will y’all?


3 thoughts on “Woman to woman and my thoughts on it.

  1. read the poem. while this might have been lauded where it was performed, but the thought process is more like – “oh lover woman, you are shit or crap or whatever..-i dont care…” and it rambles on. However, there isn’t one place where she points a finger at her husband or herself or their relationship, like you pointed out…

    i find the poem to be “funny” and it’s effect summing up to something like laughing at herself by the poet….

  2. I agree to the above comment….

    And its true more often the other woman are blamed and we never see within what made the men/women committed to trail…a single one is free and she has no blames if she did what she did…..Only if people realize that

  3. May be due to the social setup in india; women always fear that they are inferiour or may be a women feel that only women can understand womens feeling………what is the proper reason ;i till dont understand ;no one will

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