Of mobile phones and luxuries

Why is it that man takes a luxury item and makes it into a necessity ? Take TV for example. What makes TV so important in our life? Can we not survive without it? We can. And yet not a single home/house/family i know is without it.

And cell phones. Why do people expect/want/feel compelled to pick up every call that is made? I refuse to do it. I believe cell phone is a luxury and I’d indulge in it, as and when I feel like. And if its an emergency, too bad. you’d survive without me anyhow.

I know its callous but I refuse to bow down to the tyranny of the ringing phone


12 thoughts on “Of mobile phones and luxuries

  1. Is cloth necessary or an indulgence. I guess, it really depends on the individual to determine their necessities, the less the better 🙂

    If a child grow without TV and phone today, chances are, he/she will be ‘left behind’.

    Pick the phone and if it unimportant, hang up and keep writing.

    PS – I don’t have a TV 😉

    1. I tell you thats where the whole trouble started 😛 If the first people ( so to speak) had kept the clothes are an indulgence and not a necessity we wouldnt be having this conversation 😛 😛

  2. I agree with the TV bit. I have stayed without one for almost a decade.. but at the same time i don’t mind having one because it comes with an on off switch 🙂 .. and about the phone i don’t really agree on not picking calls, because you don’t say no to like you do with tv, you say no to the person calling you.. and than can be handled by an “i am busy right now”. is it a biggie! its certainly a choice i agree.. but whether we make monsters out of nothing and nothing out of monsters is also our choice. define luxury from need and you re good to go! 🙂

    1. Well i certainly understand your point.. but I cannot make myself a slave to the machine just so that I dont hurt others feelings. May be if we stop bowing down to such feelings.. life might slow up a bit.

      1. You were talking about luxury and need of gadgets. They dont feel a bit of how u treat them.. Whether u ignore them or holler on them.. But people must be valued. Aint it a sad lonely life to live for just your needs and luxury. I think it is. In a way I can go ahead and argue that obsession is either ways happenning; with it or against it. And neither of the two liberates a being only enslaves in different perspectives! Anyway, to each his own.

  3. really..what is with people asking “I called u, u didnt pick up”..hello!! I use mobile for my convenience and its my wish when I want to talk! also it is not always possible to receive call for example when one is driving!

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