Holi that was……………


It all started with a Gtalk conversation. A friend, absconding from few weeks, resurfaced with.. I have lost my mobile can you drop me a sms to how this holi sucks. No one to play with since we all are stuck in office. Then it went on to, I am getting out of this rut and can we party?

So it happened. Couple of us met in Forum, did some booze shopping, hit on all the friends to find some “contacts” for bhang and bundled up @ a friend’s place eventually.

Played holi on the terrace until sunset. Took some crazy pictures and started on booze binge. Food and bhang happened. And then I tripped. I am not sure what exactly we discussed all the while but I know that I laughed a lot.

Then we went to terrace to see the full moon wherein two of the boys gave us the best impromptu dance performance till date. That was wow! Full moon, crazy music and crazier dance moves. I dont remember when I had laughed so much. you know the belly aching stomach holdin bent over laugh? yeah it was so awesome.

I cant help wishing  a repeat performance. but I guess it wouldnt be so special if it gets repeated again.

This holi would be added to the bevy of special moments that I always remember.


And it was the best holi ever. Though Holi of 2010 comes close to it.


One thought on “Holi that was……………

  1. Sounds great : )) I admit that I still haven’t yet figured Holi out but it always sounds awesome when I read about it or see pictures of it.

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