When you remember me…

Do not remember how I looked,

when you looked back to wave that last time

or the first time

or that you never looked back.

Do not remember the twinkle,

of my moist eyes,

when I blinked

Nor when I smiled a mile wide

Or that you dont remember.

Do not remember  me in colors

Gay and bright

Nor in shades of gray and white

Or that am not the one in your bed at night

When you remember me,

Just smile with the twilight

For I want to reside there.

Between lengthening shadows

and bold, brittle  even light.


11 thoughts on “When you remember me…

  1. Last 2 lines paint good scenery. “lengthening” paints good picture but dismantles the rhythm for me for a while. For me this reads much better 🙂

    for i want to reside there;
    whilst shadows lengthen
    in bold brittle uneven light

      1. Hmm.. I understood that.. And my suggestions doesnt try to take anything away from your beautiful piece. Its good as is. but light is not even during evening or twilight 🙂 hence the suggestion. You can chose to discard suggestions that is why they are suggestions not reccomendations or corrections.

  2. Again a touching poem. Unfortunately we are unable to influence the way we are remembered. Maybe lingering in a twilight is an appropriate way : )

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