Today I realized something about expectations. The fact that, if there is no expectations, it could most probably mean, that that person is not important to you at all. Thats exactly why you dont expect anything from that person.

We dont expect things from strangers, keep it minimum for acquaintances and so on. Only people we expect a lot of, are those close to us.

So next time someone decides to expect less of you, beware. One day they just might decide to do without you.

I’d rather I disappoint someone a thousand time but not be without expectations thank you very much!


10 thoughts on “Expectations.

  1. True.
    But then we also begin to try and have fewer expectations of people trying to be self-sufficient; I would rather have too few expectations than be disappointed.
    And I would prefer it if someone had fewer expectations than putting us on pedestals from which we will one day fall.

  2. recently I read a blog post about having no expectations at all..cant remember which blog! it is impossible to have no expectations even from strangers and yes expectations do represent that you mean something to someone.

  3. on a relative scale, for the same person, more expectations more importance. but some people just inherently (consciously or unconsciously) have lower expectations than others. so you can’t compare one person’s expectations to another person’s expectations 🙂

  4. expectations are a trap.

    most people who expect things of you, do not see why you should expect things of them too.

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