Lately I have been thinking about this quite a lot. Its interesting how I want to settle down with a guy my parents would like and live a conventional life when I have all the possibilities in this world open for me. The little girl that I used to be yearned for these possibilities but knew that it could never happen, and yet, with interesting turn of events, now that I do have these options,  I am not that little girl anymore, I guess.


Early yesterday morning I had an interesting conversation about love and lust , about marriage and convention with a friend.  Adding to the mix was a lot of conversations I keep having on and off with my sister. I am in a place where all I have to do is wait and let the universe deal its cards. But waiting is so difficult. And I have waited for things to happen, like forever!


I know my thought process seem disjointed and I am jumping through a lot of things, vaguely. Not the way i like to write usually, but I seem to need clarity today. Not in what i want as it usually is but in how I deal with things.

An author of a chick lit I was recently re-reading gave me the best approach.. She said, love doesn’t always mean ‘rest of your lives’ Sometimes, it means having coffee together. ( and in my case, having break fast) and I hope I remember this everytime I feel like demanding more.

And I hope I let go with happy heart when life deems it right for me to.



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