Some day we shall meet each other,

In the cemetery of forgotten poems…

While you search for the wayward meter,

I shall collect the pieces,

of faded, broken rhymes

Someday we shall meet,

Even if its not today, or tomorrow

While you hold onto the unnamed sorrow,

I shall flit through the familiar,

Murky shadows

Someday we shall meet,

To sing an eulogy of a strange kind

While you’ll remember to forget,

I shall forget to remember,

Those intrepid, simple lines

Someday we shall meet,

In the cemetery of forgotten poems

While you whisper the last words,

I shall burn them,

And slowly  cast in to the unknown.



Cross posted from my tumblr blog

2 thoughts on “Someday.

  1. This is my new favorite among all your poems till date!!! This is awesomeness… i dont know how to describe how good it is….. so i will leave it at saying, i am in awe and with a big smile! 🙂

  2. So good to see you writing again! I was sad when you stopped for awhile and you have such talent. I love the above piece and how you are taken being a writer to another level to connect with other writers. Lovely piece.

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