A story

“Where does a story start?”, she asked.
” It starts wherever you want it to and then moves forward or backwards as you want it to”
” if it moves backwards, how can it be a start?”
” A story is like water. It flows like a river.. It is restless like an ocean, forever in motion. It vaporizes like an illusion and then dances like fantasy in thousands of clouds. And sometimes it rains in torrents. It glistens in a dew drop….

A story has no beginning no end. It need not be told.

Your story starts when you use the vessel of your imagination andย  emotions, and gather few of these drops for yourself.

This story need not be told. You have a need to tell it. So your story starts when you want , where ever you want it to start… So.. will you tell a story now? ”
” I’ll think about it.” she says absently.

” You don’t know it yet, you already have…. “


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