I am not spiritual I maintain emphatically all the while wondering what spirituality actually is ..

Is it about finding inner peace ? how does one find it any ways? Trees. now they are supposed to be peaceful right ? but deep inside.. is it really true ? no one thinks about them gnarled roots that rips the earth apart, bit by bit. There is nothing peaceful about them.
Neither is the ocean that appears at rest. Deep inside, brews a tempest, biding its time. The ocean, how much ever peaceful it seems is not really at peace.
Besides, am the type that loves the storm.

So I emphasize. I am not spiritual. all the while wondering.. what spirituality really means.


6 thoughts on “Spirituality

  1. Everyone craves comfort. But some go further and work on acquiring/creating wealth. Some go even further and go for accomplishments, victories. Very few go even further and seek the Truth. So, depending on where we are in the chain, we see things differently, we value some things more than the other.

      1. Can you tell where we find the following lines, what it means and how it is related to the above?
        vedAntago brAmhanasyAt kshatriyo vijayee bhavaet
        vaiSyo dhana-samruddhasyAt shhoodro sukha mAvapnuyAt

        1. I can deduce the meaning but cant say where it occurs or how it relates. these lines basically says a brahmin’s duty is to learn vedanta a warrior ( kshatriya’s) duty is to win .. a vaishya’s duty is to prosper and a shudra’s duty is to serve others.. and if you take it further.. only when you do your duty.. you find moksha

          1. it comes at the end of vishnu-sahasra-nama and this is how I understood it:

            everyone gains from reciting this sahasranamam
            the brahmin attains highest knowledge
            warrior attains victory
            businessman makes good money
            shudra gains comfort

            if you reverse it, there are 4 types based on what their highest priority in life is

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