What do you do when you have this intense need to connect to someone, any one.. just for a few hours? I usually tend to go and sit in an open air cafe with and stare at random people. Usually that works but today I wanted something more. What exactly I wanted I couldn’t understand, only this insistent need — Company.

So, I open Whats app on my mobile and ping, ” hey how are you?  ”

” Not so good. I am roaming around ** alone. ”

” Roaming is good. You can spend time observing people”

” Thats what am doing. Whats up with you”

” Alone in a cafe and in want of company. I am observing people too”

” Great”

” So, describe to me. Who are you looking at ?”

” There is this girl. Very impatient. very pretty. Looks like shes waiting for someone who has not come yet”

” May be someone stood her up. A careless boy friend or a selfish ‘best friend’?  ”

” May be.”

” You should go talk to her.”

” Yeah ? What should I say ? ”

” Tell her , ‘ Looks like you need company. I need it too. Why don’t we wallow in self pity together? ”

” You should write a story about it”

” May be I will”

And so I did.


Humor me please? *winks*

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