Angst is all I feel.

Angst. Not the blood red kind, one that would make you scream out of your lungs nor the one that would make you see black in broad day light. That would take too much effort, too much passion. Not the sinking heart kind that makes you short of breath, almost like a disease. No. That would mean too much feeling, too much involvement.

Mine was more of a milder variety, Though milder is not the right word. Would faded sound better ? Its like that pain that has been around for so long that you are used to it. You can’t seem to find the energy to actually acknowledge that its there.

Yes, angst is all I feel.

P.S: This is the start of a fictional story I am trying to write. Lemme know if you like it 🙂

P.P.S: This is my 701th post. And a gift to myself. And a challenge ( and the death of grammar too 😛 )


2 thoughts on “Angst

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