On the surface, if you look at it, its nothing. But the feeling persists. Some random stranger, sang to my soul in ways I couldnt explain. I took voyeuristic pleasure in her pain, for I identified with it. All I ever wanted was to be able to rejoice at those words, on the sidelines, quietly.

And now, it has stopped and I feel betrayed for some weird reason. As if, someone stole my voice and is now lost out of my sight. I know its absurd and that its way out of line. This feeling of betrayal.

Wayward as my emotions are, I am quite enjoying the absurdity of it.


2 thoughts on “Betrayed

  1. Connecting with this. 🙂
    There is nothing weird about being a voyeur when it comes to someone else writing out their pain, it spares us the necessity of opening our hearts and letting the pain bleed out.

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