Unfinished story 1

Dreams have power“. His deep voice rumbled through the class and made coldness trickle down my spine. Somehow it felt like his eyes were boring right through me and beyond. I know its stupid to think that but one couldnt know where he actually was seeing behind those thick glasses. This has been a bone of contention for the students for a long time now. One of the campus legend he was. Professor See’em all he was called. Why then do I think that he sees only me ? Why does it feel like he requires some answer, some recognition from me and is baiting time until he could grab and squeeze answers right out of me ?

Dreams portend lot more than one can imagine. They are our mental and emotional barometer. We should heed them“.

This almost felt like a threat, no , more like a warning. Beware.



Humor me please? *winks*

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