Dead weight

On the first glance you won’t notice him. He is not the type to grab attention. You know,  the kind of people who sit in their corner and do their job. The kind who’d let their boss grab their credits and linger on those multi-hour lunches while they slog their ass off. They believe in hard work. They usually sit in the corner in office parties and speak only if spoken to. This is what you’d on the second glance, even third. And you won’t be completely wrong.  You’d wonder if he even worked at your company, and why is it that you invited him to this party. You might think of him as a dead weight even.

However, if you take time to observe him the fourth time, you’d notice, he was the reason why the whole group howled like ghouls while he maintained the proverbial poker face.


Humor me please? *winks*

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