On outrage in general

I dont usually blog about controversial topics, hell I dont usually blog anymore! And yet the whole hoopla about the rape victims and the sanctimoniousness they show about it ( for the lack of better term.. ) kinda forced me out of this hibernation.

Its not that I think one should not be outraged about anything. I say, be outraged. It means you actually spared couple of minutes to think about someone / something else. But please dont stop at that act upon that outrage. Else it just some velleity that you indulged in to pass your time. This is far more outrageous than any outrage you ever felt!

If you feel bad about the poor, go buy someone food. Buy some poor kid gifts. If you are rich enough or so inclined, set up a scholarship. Find a nearest Government school and announce an annual gift. Make it 500 bucks. 500 rupees per year is not a big contribution for you, but for some kid it could mean eating ice cream for the first time.

If you feel outraged about corruption, dont give bribe.

Feel outraged about politician, well the next time research well before you vote. Write to newspapers demanding verification of facts. Get involved in local governance. Set up welfare groups.

And if you feel outraged about how woman is not safe in the nights, create groups of like minded people and prowl the roads armed with  pepper sprays and burn the eyes out of the assholes who think they can get away with it.

If you want to sit in safety of your home and not do a damn thing, please do not be outraged. Do not spam facebook and twitter and what not and feel validated. No people need not be informed. Coz, if you have your eyes open you already know of many cases where wrong doings happen. You really dont need to know what happened in Delhi to know that its not safe in Bangalore to walk on the roads in the middle of the night.


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