How many times have you come across something that made you curious and thought.. may be not now.. I’ll look in when I find time? But that’s just it. You never do. There is always something more important, more urgent, may be something more interesting to do until you forget what it actually was, that you wanted to do.

One fine day you wake up and feel.. bored.. listless.. and may be lost. And you wonder.. where all the Joie de vivre went from your life. And that’s exactly why its important to pause a min to enjoy life while you still can.

So here I am doing just that. I promise myself that I’ll blog every day.. consistently.. even if its just two lines.. even if I am too busy / too tired/ too stressed or involved with something else.

Lets see how long this lasts 🙂


And if you wonder how this came about.. umm there are multiple factors.

A. I read an article about how people payed $100 per seat to listen to a musician while they didnt even bother wait for a moment when he played on the road. We do not recognize beauty in every day life. Ergo, I need an incentive to do so.

B. I be quite stressed and I need an outlet

C. Creativity is needed

D. I read an article about how time slips by and all you are left with is regret. And one thing I dont want to regret is.. not writing..

E. Oh yeah.. Prats dared me in way.. she said.. I should at least try.. so here’s me trying

F. Frankly, I could do with some new experiences.. which you subconsciously look for when you have to blog every day

G. Need more patience.

H. Hoping that by doing something am more inclined towards

I. Inspired by pink socks

J. I wanted to blog. Thats it.


2 thoughts on “Procrastination

Humor me please? *winks*

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