Hardest lesson

People we are fondest of , are not always as fond of us as we would like them to be. And yet, we continue to like them as fiercely as ever, probably a bit more, as if to fill their part of the bargain. To accept and live with it, is perhaps the hardest lesson of all.

Today, I received this email from a friend after a really long time. On the first glance, it seemed like an apology or may be a missive. A miss you. And it was. Just not for me.


May be, I haven’t learnt it right. Why else would life teach me this lesson again and again ?


2 thoughts on “Hardest lesson

  1. Sigh….it happens to me too…I dont know how we manage to still hope the other people will miraculously care?

Humor me please? *winks*

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