You assume you want a certain way of life. You make a list of things you can live without and be happy. And you are… at least you think you are. but there is this vague void that you feel, that you can’t put a name to and you dont really know what it is. On most days you dont really think about it. But there are days when shadows seem longer than ever and the roads so empty that you think you’d like to bask in the brightness of the “brittle neon lights” and you wonder why.. why is it that things cant comfort you. Some times you feel rather irritated that you dont have anything to complain or rant about. such things take your mind off of what really is bothering you. And its not loneliness.

Its just that you are still not ready to gaze into the sky of possibilities. May be, its just that you have too many assumptions and now, you cant make sense of it. 

Wouldn’t it be easier to simply throw all the assumptions out of the window and to live life with an open mind ? 

A life needs no structure. Why should one charter one’s course when no adventure awaits us @ our destination and the journey is so much more interesting ?



Humor me please? *winks*

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