Acknowledgement. This is what we need the most in our life. Be it relationship or work. We are the practical ones. We understand that it is not possible for us to get appreciation , well deserved at that, all the time, but acknowledgement shouldnt be all that hard is it ?

I am at a stage in life where relationships have taken a back seat, how much ever I try not to, it is hard for me to sustain relationships ( Frankly I dont want to try all that much either ) . So all my emotions are attached to my work. I know it is not healthy and that I should not expect anything from my job.. other than money… but it is hard to disassociate sometimes.

I pride in working hard and maintaining a certain level of customer satisfaction. It comes easy to me. It is as if my job profile is tailor made for me. I love challenges. I have an analytical and methodical mind when it comes to troubleshooting. ( My life is utter unorganized mess otherwise) and I am good at communicating. A mix of this and my natural flair for imaginative solution, makes it easy for me to provide customer satisfaction. In short, I am very good at what I do.

And this is also a problem. Since I am so good at what I do, any criticism implied or otherwise gets my heckles raised. I hate to be criticized as far as my performance is concerned. I am also quite egoistic ( and vain 😉 ) so…. I am in a pickle as in what to do. Easiest solution would be to jump ship and frankly I am quite inclined to do that.. but since I am also quite egoistic , I want to prove a point before I leave. This is dangerous. I have finally broken the habit of compulsively working, after a lot of hard work and I do not want to start again * ughghhg*

Any how, I wish I get more acknowledgement from work ..


This is my desperate attempt to blog regularly as I used to. Also, a part of A to Z challenge thats doing rounds on Facebook 🙂


7 thoughts on “Acknowledgement.

  1. Remind that if we accept our imperfections we become less vulnerable to them. Nobody needs to be perfect ~ and we should not expect this from ourselves as well as we would not like to have it expected from us. Maybe it’s the modern work regime that makes us think like that.

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