A question.

I have a question to ask and I dont know whom to ask of it. Who is to blame in a relationship.. ( if you could call it one) if one of them don’t feel the magic. Is it the fault of the one who doesnt feel,… for not feeling it.. or the one who does feel it ? If it is magic.. how can the other one not feel it… and if it isnt, how pathetic is that the other one feels it ?

I have always known that I am in love with love itself more than the people I have been in love with. And that I paint the world larger than life when it happens to me. I also know that , given this trait, love doesnt always survive. It is too larger than life to be real. May be I prefer it that way coz.. to believe in love that can exist would mean.. I have to look for it and work on it and see it fade into something gray and I am a person of blacks and whites and the colors I use.. only in imagination.

So in the end.. did I ever feel the magic.. or did I just imagine it up ? And not knowing this answer scares me.


5 thoughts on “A question.

  1. There is no answer to your question.

    If you still want to be objective about it, then I think one should look from the point of what they felt in the relationship rather then what the other felt or not.

    At the end of the day, knowing that you have given what you thought was a growing relationship counts. If it doesn’t work out may be it was not meant to be….

    Love hurts but at the end of the day makes one wiser…

  2. I am rather late, aren’t I?
    Maybe you have figured this out already, but this is what I think – I think love is bigger than life and so is magic.
    And we create it and nurture it with our imagination and colour until it resembles Utopia. But here is the cinch – there is no Utopia. There is a land of desolation and despair, and every bit of Utopia we create is like nurturing a little green shoot to grow in this land.
    And so, this bit of magic and love adds a little colour to what would have otherwise been a bleak landscape.
    And some of us feel this magic and some don’t.
    And when one person stops or does not feel the magic anymore, the shoot withers. And to try and nurture a dry shoot would only lead to failure.
    So we move, to another shoot and another dream.
    And then on a magical day, this shoot will blossom and grow and become a tree.
    And we can take shelter under it.
    But until then, we create dreams and watch them die,
    But to not create them any further means a black world, so create and nurture and dream.

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