Dear you

Dear you,

Its been a long time since I wrote a “dear you” letter but then I hoped desperately that you’d never feature as “you” in dear you. Ironically, this is also my first letter to you.  Today is very special for you. It is also the day when I am painfully aware that even in my imagination, there could no longer be “us” . Its been quite sometime since there has been no “us”. If I’m being honest, there was never “us” not really in your mind anyways.

I’ve spent months trying to understand what was on your mind.. or what wasnt. I have also accepted that its absurd to actually try to understand, coz hind sight rationalization is just that. It cannot really explain the inexplicable impulses that influence our actions. It took me a long time and I have finally understood the lesson that your presence and then your absence taught me. Thank you for that.

Thank you for coming into my life like you did. You changed the contours of my dream, you made them real. You blazed through my defenses and left me undone. It made me realize that some of the walls were unnecessary. It is not always easy to let people in and then let them stay. You were the only one I asked to stay. It really was heart wrenching to see you go but I have finally let you go.

So no hard feelings 🙂

I should probably send you this letter but I won’t. This was also part of the lesson that I learnt.

Not so much yours anymore,




5 thoughts on “Dear you

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    1. Thank you Toby but I am not interested at this time. I would however like to give you a professional advice myself. Your publication would seem more real if you invest in a real domain name and get professional website template 🙂

  2. These would have been my exact words had I written a letter to someone a few years back. Looking back, it was a learning experience and I am really happy with how my life changed after that. I am glad that happened because otherwise I wouldn’t have been with the most loving person, my soul mate today.

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