Binge Reading

Am in a mood for binge reading. I shall be updating the list of books that I read from now on.

1. The non existent knight by Italo Calvino: This is a book of absurdities. It talks about a non existent knight ( a ghost in armour) in a french army fighting against the Moslems and his squire , one who thinks he is everything and every one. There is also a love story between a-wet-behind-your-ears knight and an amazonian woman who was initially in love with the non existent knight.

As you can see from my description, its quite nonsensical and I dont know what to think of it. Would I suggest people to read it ? Probably as a curiosity. It is not long , so could be read in an hour or two.

2. Sleepwalkers guide to dancing by Mira Jacob: A delightful tale. I love the way it enfolds. It starts with a phone call between a mother and daughter. I’m sure most of us can relate to this. Past interspersed with present, refreshingly south indian and yet, quite integrated in American life style. I love the matter of fact way tragedy has been dealt with ( without romanticizing it in any way). A dash of humor, I guess after the main character , my favorite character would be the protagonist’s mom. Shes abrasive, blunt, practical, forceful and yet so sensitive. I have seen mothers’ like that. I myself can identify with it. Contradictorily, the mom also lives in denial. This dissonance makes her my favorite character. All in all, a must read if you love Indian dysfunctional families with poignant story and quite a few of nosy friends who make better friends than your family


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