Dear you

Did you know that I keep having conversations with you in my mind ? It generally is more of a monologue. I am so glad that you can never hear them expressed. I wonder though.. are you the one that got away ? or may be the one that never really came in my way ? This is for all of yous in my dear yous btw.

I wonder why you came when you did. I wonder why you all disappeared and more importantly, did I finally learn all that I needed to ? I know this though– I have grown as a person, more comfortable with my skin, with my life and in general content.

So may be I did learn all that I needed to.

In that case does that mean that the era ofย  ‘dear yous’ is over ?

Then may be the next ‘dear you’ the real deal might finally enter my life ?

The one who is meant to stay…

Or may be, no ‘dear you’ is needed any more and this

‘dear me’

is just


Self lovingly mine,



2 thoughts on “Dear you

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