Dear you,

Dear you,

Do you want to know the words that’s making rounds in my head ? It keeps going “Stupid bitch Stupid bitch” on the loop! I dont always resort to swear words but in this context you deserve this and more. How the hell did you emerge back into my life ? I thought I had see the last of you… gone.. done and dusted. And here you stand…. is that a smug expression on your face ? Is it because I did not sing an eulogy for you ? Do you know why I didnt ? Its coz I hoped against the worst possible outcome that some day… someday.. you could live in peace with me, in me.  And yet, here you stand! What am I to do with you?

Why in the hell did you go and contact him ? How could you act normal and smile and exchange pleasantries…  WITH HIM????!!!!! That is just not done. What will I do now ?

Not so happy with you anymore,



Humor me please? *winks*

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