Dear you,

Did you dream of me yesterday when you slept? Or may be you stayed up thinking about me. I did. Stay up thinking about you I mean.

The things I want to ask you uff! How many times in these last years did you think of me.?

What were your thoughts? I want to delve into each word you say. I want to touch that cheek of yours with the back of my hand just like I did so many years ago and ask how do you feel now? How did you feel then?

That movie that you liked so much, did you imagine me as the heroine or someone else?

If it was me, how would you respond, if I reached out and kissed you? Would I be able able to contain this tempestuous heart then?

I want to ask, where did you disappear when you ghosted me all those years ago.

And more importantly, did you really love me then? Or do you still love me for a bit? Just in that rainy moment, listening to your favourite song in my favourite car? Did you feel a miniscule of what I feel?

My love, where do I find the courage to ask all these and more?

So I sing along the music and look out of the window, in this rainy beautiful night.


Abysmally yours,



Humor me please? *winks*

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