It is interesting how my thought process has changed over the years. The outpouring of emotions has given way to measured response. The need for attention to quiet acceptance. Don’t get me wrong, i am still not a wall flower, but that need to declare to the world — this is me. My opinions, my ideas, my thoughts, i dont mind if i dont share it with anyone. I guess that’s majorly why, i dont feel the need to write as much as before. My story ideas too seem to have taken a much realistic but darker tone.


The other day, i envisioned a totally conformist society with extreme punishment with emphasis on accountability on everyone and little privacy. Government elected from the beaurocrats by customer satisfaction survey and crime of a person implicates ones family and locality & the local government. So everyone is motivated to do better & force others to be better.  And while I was fleshing up the details, i could imagine how suffocating this could be, so i came up these ideas

–> those naturally conformist stayed in the country & ppl who want to lead would go to other countries to join their government, a shadow government of sorts

–> this society is made only for 3 generations aka 300 years. Eventually things should dissolve

–> it probably would be a freewill community i.e, if you want to live in this country, you follow the rules.  You can leave anytime you like.

I can see how watching too many C dramas have affected my way of thinking!


But then i thought, it would be wonderful if someone would write stories based on this world.


I thought we can come up with interdimensional portals where people disappear overnight or how corruption destroys / defies this accountability checksum

Good people who support this totalitarian regime. It would be interesting to see someone defend this with rational arguments.


If you are wondering why don’t I write it, well, i am not that good with emotions anymore

2 thoughts on “

  1. Hmmm…

    Every thought could be turned into a post!!

    Is it time that changes us or its the other way around. Something to ponder.

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