It all starts with a promise. Such possibilities that you are blinded.
Blinded by dreams, with such vivid and lively colors, that you cannot
see . The future thats actually is in hold for you. All you can feel
is hope and a promise. A promise that you made yourself. Of such a
glorious future, wherein, someone loves you for what you are, beyond
the things that dont really matter,

And then you die, little by little, every day, as and when the dreams
crash. You always remake them. Though the effort of it all, makes you
hollower and hollower by the day.. or should i say.. by the night? you
assume all this would be worth it, for in the end you shall find the
ONE. The one person who would fill all the holes with joy and

And so you die, little by little. Break them defenses and them walls
until the tide of feelings find no respite and then they flow in all
directions, directionless, meaninglessly. And so you die, little by

Humor me please? *winks*

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