Love affair with rain….

Bangalore rains are like phone call from an ex. Unexpectedly, there’s thunder, lightning.. tightening of feelings, a shiver down the spine and then before you know it it’s all over. Did it even happen? It’s all sunny in the morning…

I am in love with Bangalore rains


Empty rant

I feel so full and heavy. Like the futility of it all is crashing on me. I want to do something rash like running away or unraveling into a mess but the fact is, to be messy, someone should be around to hold you back. Would you jump back when you don’t trust anyone to catch you?


After months of telling people how wonderful my life is, I think I started believing it as well. I don’t know where this dissatisfaction has come from. It’s caught me by surprise and I don’t know what to do about this.

I am in constant state of disappointment although I realize how good my life is. And that causes me even more anguish coz, life IS good!!

Unexpectedly yours

Dear you,

I am most surprised that I have wanted to write this letter to you! You are one of those shamefaced secret that I don’t want anyone to know. And yet there are things that I fondly remember.

One of those things is road trip. So may be, it is not that far fetched that I write this.

Beautiful cloudy days with greenery all around and me at the wheel. This was your gift to me. There is no better gift than this. There was so much grace and affection in this act that it was almost love. It definitely was.

Now that I have my own car and I go on my own road trips on long empty roads in beautiful cloudy climate , it is obvious that I remember you.
And yet, it is unexpected , this trickle of affection that I am feeling… I don’t even like you!

Unexpectedly yours,

A car

A car is not just a car! It’s a promise that you kept even though it took 4 years to do so.

It’s a declaration that sometimes, you do come through. Not everything is a castle in the air.

A car, the car, is a roar of Independence, it’s vanquishing of fear that crippled you for as long as you can remember.

It’s a harbinger of hope. Things are a- changing!

A car is the sweetness of a dream.