There are so many blogs that I want to review so that I can get others to visit.. writing a post satisfies it for a moment but not for a long run.. so here I am going to review them in details 🙂

1. Quintessential Hope 

2. Hitchwriter’s Attempts to write

More to come!!! 

Suggestions can be left as comments 🙂

53 thoughts on “Reviewed!!

        1. err not that I believe in bribes you know

          *looks to see if anyone is around*

          psssttt Winnie…chocolates will be ready by the time my review is up


  1. Thank you for the review Winnie ka:-) I think Ordinary Guy’s blog is so full of energy:-) And thank you for the link. I am gonna visit his sapace regularly:-)

  2. this is such a cute idea winnie! i came to know more about hitchy here!!! esp the link to the fatherhood post!!

    😀 me loves this!! looking to meet more ppl from ur reviews!!!

  3. This is such an interesting idea! I nw read OG n Hitchu’s blogs .. will check out all those links u hv included here 🙂

    Gonna read ur blog nw 😛 Hitchu ws telling me our blog names r very similar. May be u hv an other blog .. gotta check out.

    {{{{{{Hugs }}}}}

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