Hitch writer’s attempts to write!



I started reading Dhiren’s aka Dhiru bhai’s blog in April 2009. I am not sure how I stumbled upon his blog but the first post I read was  “ The Times of Fatherhood” And till date this has been my favorite post. He writes about anything and everything that touches him with a twist of humor. Be it elections, crickets  or the fact that he was fined and ofcourse about Bharuch and food. But the most enjoyable posts are of his wife and his son. Don’t believe me? Check this out! If I have to say in a single line, why I love his blog, I would say ( indeed I have before) that he makes me feel as if I am a part of his family. The easy conversational tone and simple words.. and clean humor. Thats signature Hitchwriter! I am keeping my words short ( As the whole post disappeared once 😦 and also because this post is going to be really long 🙂 )

The opinions of the regular readers of his:

IHM says,

I think he is a simple, nice guy. He is a true Sagittarius. Sensitive. Compassionate. He’s a JKG not an MCP. Straighforward. Honest. Of late very funny, I like his posts abut his family the best, about his brother cleaning out his shelves, about his wife’s love for his blog and about his son, his mom, his morning walks…

Solilo says,

One of the wittiest bloggers who can smile even at the toughest times. That is a rare quality in this world full of whiners. Yes! world is difficult to live in but instead of sitting and cribbing, isn’t it much better to smile and do something about it. I find Dhiren that type of a person. Of course here I am being too formal with my praise and all. Most of you know what I really think about Dhiren aka Hitchy aka Eggwriter. Ha..ha..ha..

Badz says,

Dhiren. Dhiren. Dhiren. What can I say that is going to make him sound “nice”? 😉 😛

Well Dhiren comes across as a Casanova and only has one sis the blog sphere. His posts illustrate his wonderful drollness and also his passion for cricket and food. I love the way Dhiren makes his wife and child the stars of his blog and the way he writes about them. The stories he tells makes you feel as if you are really there actually witnessing it. He is one of those guys always welcoming when you visit his blog and leave comments for him. He’s a rocking writer. He’s a true “hitchwriter.” 😉

Smitha says,

Dhiren is one blogger whose enthusiasm bubbles through every post(and comment) of his.. Its pure, unadulterated fun to read his posts.. Here is a blogger who is comfortable in taking potshots at himself and others 🙂 And amidst all the fun, he also manages to pull off beautifully poignant posts on his wife, mother and son.. A wonderfully versatile blogger with a great sense of humour. He can even make a post on how he does not have anything to write, a fun read:)

Our very own super-blogstar OG says,

I discovered Dhirubhai’s blog through IHM. The one thing that shines most in his blog is the passion that he has for so many things in life, like cricket, photography and food and life itself. He also comes across a superbly humorous blogger especially those posts which deal with his personal “trysts with his many girlfriends”. He has a way with words which almost none have and the Blog Samaj is an absolute laugh riot thanks to him thanks to his posts and his comments!! Three Cheers!!!!

And Mystery says,

“Dhiren/hitchwriter is one of my favorite bloggers. I like the way he writes about his son, his life style and the smaller things that affect his day-to-day life. The way he writes creates interests in the readers and would want all of us to visit again and wait for his next post. He is funny and honest at the same time which is what, i think is liked by all the fellow bloggers. The post he wrote on challenges of being a father is one of my favorites.”

And in the last but not the least, Indyeah writes an essay,

Dhiren aka Hitchwriter:))
Kahaan se shuru karun?:))
Hitchwriter has a funny bone wait!make that a  funny aatma 😀 I mean this guy can see the humour in any and every situation…and that is his charm is it not?:))Dhiren writes about everyday situations ..only his take on those situation is so very humorous and so very Hitchwriter-ish 😀

Like Winnie said sometime back…one does feel as if one has known Dhiren’s family forever:))such is the charm of his writing…and only a  select few like Dhiren have this charm and no one else…

Dhiren can write about things on this manner because he too is a person who is jovial and easygoing…Never have I seen him crib or whine or complain….What would the world be like with more people like Dhiren? :)) One simply wonders 😀
It would be a wonderful world for sure but aqlso a madcap one 😀

Hitchwriter connects to people..there is something in his writing that is hard to define and yet the number of people who read his blog are a testimony to his wonderful way of writing..

Dhiren’s humour is his alone…no one can quite match up to it 😀 I dont think people should even try 😀

*Indyeah looks at Dhiren in anticipation for some generous words of praise in return* 😆

This is the post of Dhiren’s (among many others) that I love
The Times of Fatherhood
He has written so humorously about his son :)))hriday is a sweetheart
btw 😀 (probably takes after his mom) 😀

I love so many more of his posts that it would be really, really difficult to list all of them:DDhiren is a happy soul..and thats the best kind there is …He refuses to look be a pessimist and thats exactly my kind of friend if there ever was one!
Dhiren though I usually pull your leg 😀 and am the only one whom you have given permission to call you bhai*looks smug*and never say this to you:) but you know you are special right? 🙂 You are one of the sweetest friends I have in this blogosphere 🙂

And adds later:

Dhiren is a feminist if I ever had to list all the males who are feminist and are proud to be one:))
Dhiren is also not bound to traditions and rules and I like him for that:))
The fact that he thinks god can be found in rock music:))is so totally awesome!:)))

Dhiren is a feminist if I ever had to list all the males who are feminist and are proud to be one:))

Dhiren is also not bound to traditions and rules and I like him for that:))

The fact that he thinks god can be found in rock music:))is so totally awesome!:)))

I am sure by now you would be busy rolling and stalking his blog. If you are still dithering ( which I am sure you are not! ) I have one more tool to woo you! Ah yesh! The interview with the blogger himself!!

Hitch hiker writer in his own words:

I am a gray haired 31 year old man, who spends a major time of his trading cotton with people who chew tobacco and smokes packets and drink carats ( 😛 :P)

He also happens to be married with a child (Hriday) and twin brothers, Prashant and Prakash (they are least mentioned in your blog.. may be you should post about them too!!)  

I had asked few of the bloggers to provide me with the questions they would love to ask Dhiren.. these are the answers:

IHM asks:

1. Does he really like mutton biryani ?

D: Chicken biryani preferred … I dont like mutton

2. Did he really take Rakesh’s post on humour seriously, I have seen he has become funnier ever since that post… 

D: *keeping as straight a face as i can*  No comments

OG asks:

Why don’t you convince your wife to also start blogging?

D: I have tried many times but she wont start… frankly she is not very savvy with the computers and a really lazy person. She is happy with her novels, phone, jogging and her new business ( She is taking trekking tours for Anala . For more information click here. Or you may check with the chat transcripts)

Solilo asks,

Write an advt. for Solilo’s apothecary. :))))) 😛


Mayoosi, Anindra, Julaab ho ya ho koi bhi pareshani…

Ghabhrao mat ae blog samaj vasi…

Ab hai hum bloggers ke liye special therapy….

Sililo Sardar ki apothecary…. !!!! 



Indyeah asks,

 Bhai shabd se itna darr kyun?

D:  well frankly and really it doesnt matter… !  although bhai makes me sound older …dhiren is cool..  although most call me dhirubhai only.

In real life too except my immediate family ..everyone calls me dhirubhai

** Hear ye “wanna-call-dhirubhai” person.. **

Badz asks,

When do I get my bribe for making you sound so good? 😉 😛
D:   She makes me sound good ??  ha ha ha… good joke.. I sound good nevertheless.. and she should be paying me for introducing her to this lovely blog world ! and she should also be paying me royalty for entire life if she passes coz if that happens it will be only due to my good wishes

** Badz go get him!!**

And now an excerpt of the interview I had with the blogger himself. [ The whole chat transcript can be accessed here. Do read on to know the relation between Dhirubhai Ambani and Sehwag and that of Tarzan and Phantom.. if that doesnt entice you.. to know about a lioness who survived after meeting with Dhiren.. all classified stuff revealed!]

M: Is dhiren the blogger any diff than dhiren offline?
D: In real life i am a lot more serious but with my loved ones and nearer ones i am still a small kid…. which reflects on my blog..
I mean I am not so easily outgoing with people i dont know unlike on the blog I can make fun and have legpulling with any one on the blog world not in real life.. 
M: One topic you would never blog about ?
D: Never thought of any topic I wouldnt blog about.. nothing in mind
I would blog about everything but it has to come from within
M:  So what are you really passionate about ? ( other than cricket and blogging)
D: cricket, travelling, food…. wildlife and conservation… although i have not done anything for conservation apart from the 300 rs that go everymonth from my salary to the tiger foundation
M: What r the most cherishable things in your life?
D: ( Family in short) 
M: Do you have any fav post as such from ur blog.. ?
D:  If I had to pick one favourite post…  it would be the barkha dutt and my conversations we had in my dream

M: Tell me how do you manage to be so funny? Do you plan your posts?
D: Frankly i dont think i am as funny as you think… when i thought of submitting some post for LOL challenge… i found none funny.. ! I dont plan my posts but I try to see the lighter side in life in most things and try to make it a lil funny  a lil garnishing  but most of the things i write normally happen.. 
I just twist them a lil to make them sound even more funny when I started I didnt know .. I thought I would write about cricket but funnily I write a lot less ( We love what you write as it is!!)
M: When did you start blogging ?
D: When betapet.com went down ( Around August 2008. Betapet is a scrabble site)  I am now trying to consciously not write about controversial things and trying to write only funny stuff coz i want people to come here and laugh  but frankly since I started thinking like that I am not able to write   
M: So whats the most adventurous thing you have done till now ?   Anything really whacky ?
D: Well  .. a couple i wouldnt like to tell.. really  
we ran on our feet behind a leopard!! ( :O :O)
And we also had two lioness chasing us… and my friend almost died…  the worst experience of our lives  when we crossed the limits [ The guy is safe!! More details in the chat transcript 🙂 ]
M: Favorite season
D: Monsoon 
M: If you had to change something on your blog.. what would you change ?
D: nothing….i love it as it is… it has evolved and will evolve . but at the moment its perfect
[ P.S: he also blogs at : Amateur Clicker ]
M: Who would you like me to interview after this ?
D: I would like to see you interview Solilo ! After all we are an awesome couple… !!! 😉  so its only fair she follows me !!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna be killed for this…
** Go Solilo!! Get him ! Get him!! ** 
Ah I had so much fun doing this… and well Dhiren was really patient with me. He even provided me with pic of hriday to use!!

174 thoughts on “Hitch writer’s attempts to write!

  1. Well me and patient… for this limelight i could be with you for life… !!

    boss is moving around cant write much at the moment but will return in the morning…

    for the moment…

    Meenu thanks.. thanks a ton…. I am loving this… !!!

    will be back in the morning !

  2. thats good.. i have seen him and i have visited his page last year.. but havent been there in the recent past.. will have to check.. thanks for the review.. looks like a funny man indeed

  3. That was fantastic !! Winnie – this idea of yours is fantastic! And the idea of interviewing is even better! Waiting for the next installment 🙂

    Dhiren – You and Solilo – a couple??? Wait till Indyeah hears 🙂 or better still -till Solilo hears 🙂

    You really should persuade your wife to blog – am sure it will be a laugh riot 🙂

    1. I didnt know all the chat transcripts would come here… but yeh reporter log (ducks the slipper thrown by meenu)

      sab kuch chaap dete hai… !!!!

      1. bhalayi ka zamana hi nahi raha! You gave me “-100 points”! Aur meine kuch nahi kaha! yahan likha bhi nahi but fir bhi 😦 😦 ( *boo hoo hoo*

        *waiting for sympathy and few sada hua tamatar for dhiren*

        😛 😛

  4. couldnt resist… really !!! had to connect from home… !

    I am all gloating… like a dog …. lying on my back and wagging my tail big time… !!!!



    I was funny and am funny, nothing to do with rakesh’ post… !! geez…. Rakesh’ wat a wrong post you made yaar… !!! and thank god I am JKG and not MCP !!!!! whew…

    Solilo !!!!

    *rubs my eyes in disbelief*

    is that really you !!! geez…

    *Wipes tears from my eyes*

    *sniff sniff*

    Tune to rula diya re…..

    you can call me Egg writer or Yolk writer whatever you please now…. !!! I know inside the DIL there is only love and compassion… !!!


  5. Solilo !!!!

    *rubs my eyes in disbelief*

    is that really you !!! geez…

    *Wipes tears from my eyes*

    *sniff sniff*

    Tune to rula diya re…..

    you can call me Egg writer or Yolk writer whatever you please now…. !!! I know inside the DIL there is only love and compassion… !!!


  6. Smi,

    Yea solilo can say i stole the nickname / short name but I love it…

    Bhagwanji ki taarif ki aapne… he he he… !!! lol… !! and hey i dont take potshots at myself.. its you all !!

    for your kind words smi, thanks thanks a ton… and i hope i can write more funny ones on things that happen then on the fact that i have nothing to do… and may god give you a job like mine… !!

    1. No problemo – You do realise that I am only saying all this to keep ‘Bhagwanji’ happy 🙂

      oh yes – please god give me a job like yours 😉

      1. Hahahahahahahaha! 😆
        Smitha, he feels old at 31 because no girl looks at him now because in reality he must look 60+. 😛 😉

        Now I need to ruuuuunnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

  7. OG,

    or SOG (superstar) buddy the laugh riot is not without you all … the fun we bloggers have in comments is something only we can understand… its really great !!!!

    I am only a hissa of the blog samaj !

    and hey i never wrote about my trysts with my girlfriends… !! god I have to make my wife read this… ! guys… !

  8. Mystery,

    those are really kind words after the mental allegation i threw at you recently… lol but to be fair you threw it back with even more momentum !!! 😉

    We shall all keep having more fun !!

  9. Abhi,

    awwww… “di is as original as anyone can get… ! you are going way overboard here.. I guess your partial…. arent you !!!

    gosh… I am almost feeling as i am walking in air… !! reallly … get me back on the ground fast…. !!!

    you are the sweeeeetest of all !!!


    I am dancing…. although i can never dance… !!!

  10. meenu,

    well well… when I read OG’s review… I was quietly hoping someday you would do mine… frankly… ! i quietly put one line.. main bhi qatar main hoon…

    Never knew you would actually interview me… and I am loving this a lot… !!

    You are making me feel like a star… !!!!!! and air headed at the moment… !!!

    tat you could synchronise all this and spare so much time and made me have so much fun is so so so fantastic of you !!!!

    and yes Meenu, you are now trapped… you have to keep this going… !! this is wonderful !!! I completely loved the attention !!!

  11. Meenu, You know what – we should probably have a blog just with all these reviews – you know something like blog adda – but for our own blog samaj 🙂

  12. Dhiren, Stop spamming your own interview post. 😡

    Gosh! on every blog you are going on about us being a couple. Okay! so I hearby online DIVORCE you. 😆 😆 Send my alimony online now. Go find yourself another awesome partner. 😆 😆

    1. Naheeeeeeeeeeeeee

      yeh sun ne se pehle…. main main…. main…

      kuch sujh hi nahi raha… kya kahu ???

      but nahiiii…. aisa mat karo na…. I ll be more discreet in future… !!!

      pleading !!!

                    1. why is that I always end up coming into the conversation……………….. 😛
                      No dostana!!!!! we are against dostana…. I am strong supporter of Sri Ram sena 😛 LOL

                    2. Hahahahahahahaha! 😆 Yes I’m sure you’ve love to hav a free pink lungi OG. Any colour is fine as long as it’s free. we’re Indians. 😉 😛

                  1. How about you guys stop and ask our respective real life partners for blessings too? 😆 😆

                    Police….Police….Lawyer….I want restraining orders against Dhiren aka Hitchy.

  13. “Mayoosi, Anindra, Julaab ho ya ho koi bhi pareshani…

    Ghabhrao mat ae blog samaj vasi…

    Ab hai hum bloggers ke liye special therapy….

    Sililo Sardar ki apothecary…. !!!! ”

    Ha….ha…ha… ye julaab aapko hi lagta hai na… 😆

    Sililo…hey Ram! kitne naam. Mandu calls me Sililio, Vimmu has SoliLOLOLOL and OG has Sololi. Ek seedha naam kisi se pronounce nahin hota kya. Kya zamaana aa gaya hai rabba!

    1. let me add it here now i want to call u soli… solilo sounds like a tongue twister

      *runs way*

      but soli is sweet isnt it

  14. Guys! I am missing so much fun!! Dont log off before I come online again ( from home) Damn my work! I have to do something atleast to show to my TL..

    Damn! I am missing the fun!!

    1. I was just wondering why is meenu quiet… geez…

      you dont have to tell me to stay on… I m totally going to reside here now !!!! gloating all the time for the next few weeks… !

      i dont need medicine for julaab… I need medicine for indigestion Sililo sardar !!

  15. Superb interview meenu… dhirenBhai was a rocker… he rocks… I am also a fan of his the times of fatherhood post… I have nominated that for LOL challenge… now this comment section is getting more LOLer 😆

  16. Superb interview meenu… dhirenBhai was a rocker… he rocks… I am also a fan of his the times of fatherhood post… I have nominated that for LOL challenge… now this comment section is getting more LOLer 😀

        1. Nahi Solilo. Sirf OG ko dara rehi the ke tum unka gala daba denge ya uske peache bhange, voh tumare naam ke sath kilwat kerenge ya bigarenge tho. 😉

          Sorry Don. 😉

  17. And yes, let me add my bit too, even though I am late 🙂

    I think the first post I read from Dhiren was a poem. And one written after the Mumbai terror attacks. It was a moving tribute, and that had me hooked on his posts.

    As many have already said, his family posts are the best of all… combined with the foodie ones 🙂 And of course, he’s a wonderful witty writer, a genuine soul, 🙂 and a great person to pep one up!

    God Bless, Dhirubhai 🙂

    And you too Meena 🙂

    Btw, lovely idea on the interview thing!

    1. Ushus,

      She is brilliant aint she meenu ??

      Us attention craving bloggers get their dreams fulfilled when such things happen… !!!!

      now now… you got hooked due to a poem !! that was my life’s first !!! I never knew I could write something like that !!!

      God Bless us all… and *Kala Tikka* so that no najar lagaving happens to the fun we have in comments !!!

  18. Winnie, you have done a great job interviewing Dhiren. It gave me an opportunity to visit his blog and read some of his amazing posts. Am planning to read more of his posts shortly. Great job!

  19. I am probably the last of all to comment i guess. what to do my office starts at 11a.m. Enjoyed reading the post as well as all the comments.

    @Winnie..this reviewing of blogs is a brilliant idea. good going. including the interview from the blogger is really nice.. keep up the good work.

    @hitchwriter.. as everyone mentioned in their words.. u r blog is real fun to read and a stress buster for those who are busy with their work.. keep blogging.

  20. Loved the interview and absolutely loved all the comments 🙂 What a mood uplifting blog samaj we have here!! I am laughing aloud at all the comments, Winnie you are doing a great job here!! 🙂
    This interview idea is fabulous – I did not know Dhiren’s brothers were twins!! Grey and old etc everybody knows anyway, 😈 so nothing new there.

    1. hello boss !!!!

      gray hair make me look like clooney… yea yea.. george clooney !!!!

      I aint old… I am 31 years young… that cliche of adding old did me in… !!!!

      yes we do have an unbelievably mood uplifting samaj !!!!!

      god bless and touchwood !

  21. he he, absolutely confirms what we knew all along – Dhiren is one funny guy – the weirdest in his otherwise normal happy family with a wife who doesn’t blog and cute sons who are one-up on him 😀

  22. hey winnie!
    congrats for making dhiren a star. he is in seventh heaven. and as for u dhiren ,have always known ki ek din jackpot tujko zarur lagegi. it feels like yesterday when u were counting the followers one by one and being so ecstatic when one more added!do u count anymore? i don’t think so as u have lost count of ur followers……lol!
    way to go dhiren! keep blogging!
    comments were most enjoyable.
    kudos! to all u bloggers.
    feels like i know u all thru ur comments on dhiren’s blog.

    1. hey zingggy,

      what a pleasant surprise… even before I would tell you to read this you are here… !!!

      you really need to start bloggin zinggy !!! I tell ya… you will love this place… !!!

      I would love to count my followers… but in this new wordpress there is no such feature… thats the only thing I miss from blogger… !!

  23. On my goodness! That was a laugh riot! Can’t believe that the comments can be so much fun 🙂

    Winnie your idea abs rocks!!! I have not laughed so much since ages 🙂

  24. 150 comments…wow!!!!
    Dhiren is sure popular on this side of the blog world 🙂

    Great job Meena…..u did more research this time & the questions from bloggers is a good touch.

    Just a small…almost negligible suggestion;
    Since u r alternating between bloggers comments & your writing, can u make them separate by using a different font or style….get what I mean????

    ummm…am I sounding like ur teacher;-P

    1. Oh I agree! I wrote everything nicely in word… and pasted in wordpress and then hit publish.. then I closed the word document that I didnt save.. and voila.. my post that I slaved for nearly 2.5 hours disappeared!

      Then I wrote jald baazi mein within an hour.. isiliye.. no formating as such 😦

      1. Oh thank God u replied……. I was just about to send a search party for U….sort of got the feeling tht hitchwriter kidnapped & spirited u away coz it looks like he has hijacked ur blog 😛

              1. na…. its your idea… you do it… we all will obviously contribute with the questions.. plus my questions will get tooo personal with sol’s to be shared on the blog… with teh aam junta… you c….

                gosh.. i m gonna be killed if sililo sardar reads this… !!!!

  25. Oh great ;-S!!!!

    I’ve gone & put my comment somewhere in between. Dunno how it happened:-(.

    This WordPress I tell u, makes things so complicated….


    1. Nancy,

      This side ??? I would like to believe all sides… !!!! he he he…

      whats the word ?? modes… ??? forgot it… !!!

      WordPress is best… see the comments threading… this is the fun that makes it superior to blogger… !!!!

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