Year so far

Year so far has been a bag full of experiences, gamut of feelings etc.. . There have been some wonderful highs,  some terribles lows and the in betweens have been  more than average.  I got what I wanted professionally. Very satisfying. I have done some serious time crunching, oh so tediously busy, but  so very satisfying work that even my Capricornian tendencies have been assuaged.

Travel has been the highlight of this year, like the last one. A music festival, a visit to the north eastern tip, a bird sanctuary , more than a couple of different weddings. All in all so diverse!

Relationships this year, has  not been very stable but some how I don’t really have a lot of complaints. One of the things that always bothered me was my inability to let go. My need to appear strong and my deep seated insecurity of being rejected has always made me seem aloof and a tad bit arrogant. I am happy to say this year has taught me to let go a bit more than before. I have been a bit ( a lot) more open with my vulnerabilities and quite secure in my place in this world.

There has been a huge purge in the number of people in my life. Some of them I didn’t want to let go, some did not deserve it but for many it was needed. The people who survived this purge are far more dearer than before. For they value add my life and I appreciate them far better than before.

I have plans for my life for the first time and I believe I’ll follow them through. I have never felt that before. I have always known that I’ll screw up my plans and I have. This year too, was not different in that respect still I am very hopeful for days to come.

There are things, decisions that I have taken and some that were thrust upon me, that weigh heavily on my heart, but there is still a smile plastered on my face and a twinkle  in my eye. I guess that’s what growing up is all about. Its when you know what to accept and move one and what to mourn.

All in all, its been a year of growth. What else can one expect from life ?

Que sera sera !