Thank you!

Forgive my laziness! I have been awarded since a longtime but have been quite lazy to put it up… and now have forgotten who has given me which award!! 

So guys kindly accept my apologies and thanks!

I have been awarded by Agnes, Gopinath,  IHM, Mou, Nancy, Pratsie, Rukhiya Sid and Vinay

If I have missed any names ( which I have not most probably) forgive me yet again 🙂


4 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Dear Meena Iyer,

    It is my great privilege and honour to invite you for the launch of India’s most awaited start-up The event will take place at the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world celebrates the commencement of the New Year. is our humble endeavour to bring together people from across the globe to share their exclusive thoughts, experiences and knowledge in the form of scoops under any of the following subject categories. Entrepreneurship, Business & Management, Science & Technology, World & Politics, Sports & Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle and My Life.

    These scoops are then knocked and commented upon by this online community in a democratic way which collectively decides top three scoops from each category. The winning scoops are then published in a monthly RememME Mag, rightfully be Planet’s First Democratic Mag.

    During the pre-launch phase, as I was exploring the greats in the field of writing. I’ve come across your blog “”; truly appreciate your ability to write in a way that engages your reader and believe that the users of this portal would be delighted and thankful to gain value from your expertise.

    Look forward to seeing you on in 2010. !!

    Best regards,
    Amit Rawat
    Co-founder | Nomad Publications Pvt.Ltd. |
    # Phone: +91 9871555252
    # Webpage:

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