What do you think?

Kindly  let me know about your views about my all  blogs. Brickbats and Accolades both are welcome.. please do oblige 🙂


27 thoughts on “What do you think?

    1. Thank you Agnes 😀 😀

      I moved coz some of the people couldn’t load my site as well as comments would disappear.. simply blogger was getting too overloaded.. besides most of the ppl I knew were moving to wordpress..

      And I cud have hosted wordpress on my free hosting account ** which was too tedious hence wordpress.com**

      May be i will do it some time 🙂

      Besides wordpress is cool.. esp the threaded replies .. easy to read and keep up with one particular conversation!

  1. these are the posts of some one who now regret on her past wrong doings

    till now also dont acept that

  2. I am so so sorry !! I completely forgot the fact that you shifted to wordpress and I was wondering all this time that why you stopped blogging since I stopped getting feeds from ur blogger account !!! I hav so much to read in ur blog now !!! Will change your address right now in my blog roll list !!!

  3. SORRY!!!!!
    Not been able to visit you and comment.
    Have been reading as often as I could thought.
    Just not been commenting.
    Will do it in one go as soon as I’ve finished with these exams.
    I promise. 🙂

    BTW, I love your header and the new look to your page. 😀

  4. Hello,

    I just like to say that I like your poems and thoughts, especially “The space between us”. I hope you don’t mind I quoted it in my blog. If you do, I’ll remove it and just leave the link to your site 🙂
    Some things you write really hit the mark, and I hope you keep up your inspiration …

    Best wishes,

    1. Martin thank you for stopping by 🙂

      And am delighted that you would like to quote it!

      I dont mind you doing it.. just a request though..
      Kindly provide a link back to my site as the source.

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