Winnie the poohi

Everything that I am, that I could be , that I wish to be.. things that are  held close,  can be read in this blog.  Like that leaf that a wind deftly dislodges from the tree, I let my thoughts drift through the river of my mind. And then I let it settle in the corner of this blog. 🙂

A simple person with confused thoughts.. umm I donno what to say anymore!!

A poem on orkut profile …..


I am the river that flows through your veins,
I am the air you breathe that keeps you alive.
I am the sun that shines in the sky,
I am the moon that shies behind the cloud
I am the tree, I am the shroud,
I run deep, I run shallow,
I am the food that you swallow!
I am the beginning, I am the end
I am the calm , I am the storm
I am the surge and it’s swell
I am the planets and the stars as well.
I am pleasure, I am pain
I destroy, I mend,
I collect, I drain
I persevere, I dread
I am the color red.
I am the flood.
I am the blood.
I am just that. I am.
I exist.


Something on my blogger profile…


Looking through the glass,

A distorted vision I see

colors of various intensity,

Green as grass crimson sky,

images pass, through my minds eye

And I try to paint them, through my words in various hues

A poetess? A writer? A random person 🙂


With that I rest my case 🙂



21 thoughts on “Winnie the poohi

  1. You have a way with words and I like that 🙂

    My first time on your blog but looks like your words will pull me back again! 🙂

    Me: I certainly hope so!! 😉

  2. 1st time am on this page and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it… :))
    U truly are one amazing spunky gurl and am so glad to have stumbled upon u… hugss!!

  3. Look forward to more poetry from you, Winnie, and do hope you are feeling somewhat better these days. You are a gifted writer and miss seeing something more in your site. Thank You!

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